Why is it (generally) better for men to work with male therapists?

Maurice Sendak, "Where the Wild Things Are"

Maurice Sendak, "Where the Wild Things Are"

Men understand one another on many different levels, whether it’s about matters of sex and relationships, the challenges of opening to emotional intimacy, or finding our sense of meaning and purpose.  In our society, we’re taught in so many different ways that it’s not OK to be in touch with our feelings, nor to express them.  For some of us, we’ve experienced some type of past injury that’s led us to believe that it really isn’t safe to be emotional or to be open and honest with ourselves, and others.

I’m a therapist who specializes in working with men, helping them to find balance in their lives. This may involve learning how to appreciate our masculine side and to get in touch with other parts that might be hidden or underdeveloped.  I also specialize in working with men who have suffered some type of past trauma or emotional neglect, incorporating techniques that are proven to be effective in the healing process, including EMDR.  

Here is a list of some topics that I’ve worked on with my male clients:

  • Examining what it is to be masculine; what comes easily and what doesn’t
  • Having more satisfying sex, discovering what it is that you want and how to ask for it
  • Allowing yourself to explore and experience your feelings, something that may not have been allowed when you were growing up
  • Your relationship with your father, both past and present
  • Finding a balance between asking for what you want while also being sensitive to the needs of others in your life
  • Developing more satisfying relationships with partners, family, and friends
  • Exploring how to be more vulnerable, to take more risks in those relationships
  • Finding the courage to reach out for what you want, whether it’s a partner, a new career, a new set of friends, or simply a new way of being with others, and yourself.