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Clients tell me they appreciate my interactive and supportive, results-oriented style. I can help you heal issues from the past, and resolve present-day problems, using highly effective holistic techniques, including:

The Hakomi method: a mindfulness and somatic/body-centered therapy

Gestalt: A powerful way of exploring core feelings that are present in the moment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Identifying and changing negative thoughts and behaviors that cause us distress

Strength-Based/Positive Psychology: Building upon our existing strengths and resources

Humanistic Psychodynamic Approach: In which we examine patterns that were formed in the past to protect, but no longer serve us in the present.

I am also certified in the use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), which is a highly effective and time-efficient method for resolving the negative effects of past trauma or PTSD.  It can also be significantly helpful with lessening the negative effects of certain phobias. Having been in the counseling field for over 14 years, and having done a lot of my own personal psychotherapy, I bring a wealth of heart and experience into my work with my clients.

Clinical Experience

In addition to working with adult individuals and couples at Blue Oak Therapy Center in Berkeley, I’ve counseled adults, senior citizens and adolescents at Crisis Support Services of Alameda County, as well as having worked on their crisis phone lines. At the Pacific Center for Human Growth and the UCSF AIDS Health Project, I facilitated short and long-term support/therapy groups. I also spent two years counseling teens and facilitating support groups at Holden High School.

Trainings & Education

I am a Certified EMDR Therapist with EMDRIA, the International EMDR Association. In addition to my Master’s in Counseling, I studied the Hakomi Method for three years. Before that, I participated in the extensive training program provided by San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) and worked on their phone lines. My previous profession was teaching English as a Second Language, having earned my Master’s in that subject area and taught recent immigrants at City College of San Francisco and Golden Gate University. My undergraduate education was in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, including a year of study in Japan.